"Thank you again for making my beautiful stunning dress! It really was outstanding and everyone was commenting how lovely it was. We had a dream wedding and a lot of that was thanks to you for all your hard work, creativity, time and dedication you had for the dress. That dress is something to be really proud of. Thanks a million!" - Lorna Veverka

“Thanks very much for all your help with my outfit. Everybody loved it, including me!” - Mary Donnell

“Just a wee note to say many thanks for my beautiful outfit. I felt wonderful wearing it and have never had so many fabulous compliments…They were most intrigued with the sleeves for evening which were lovely too and very comfortable. All in all it was a marvellous day which I did not want to end. Looking forward to wearing it again. Thanks once more." - Margaret Brechin

“Not only are you a warm and lovely man, you are a genius. Thanks to you Rinaldo I will feel happy and look beautiful on my wedding day. I wish you great success for a wonderful future.” - Andrine Dominick

“Everyone admired my dress and the colour and I felt good in it! Thanks again.” - Marjory Scullion

“I felt like a million dollars in my beautiful dress and jacket. From the minute I put it on I felt so comfortable. You were right about the dress being a surprise too, as no one expected the little beaded straps and kept coming up to touch them and admire the dress. My girlfriends liked the way the dress kicked out when I walked, just the same as I did. Thank you once again for helping to make our day so beautiful and keep being inspired!” - Patricia Patterson

“Sorry to have taken so long to tell you how the wedding went. It was brilliant and I loved my outfit. Thank you for making my outfit, I really enjoyed wearing it. I have worn it twice since. Once to my staff night out and on Christmas day. It is very comfortable and everyone admires it.” - Agnes D Magowan

“Sorry about delay but here at last enclosed wedding photograph showing off my delightful dress and jacket you designed for me, everyone said it was outstanding and I felt wonderful in it – thank you so much…thanks again for helping make our day perfect.” - Kathleen Wilson

“My outfit was greatly admired and I was complimented a great deal throughout the day, it was great! Thank you again for your creation.” - Jean Blunden

“Thank you so much for designing and making my outfit. The whole experience has been great fun and I’m going to miss my visits to your studio. I’m absolutely delighted with my outfit and looking forward to showing it off! Thank you for everything!” - Anne

“Felt really classy in my lovely outfit, Jennifer too. Thanks again.” - Isobel Hill

“Thank you for making my day so special! I felt as good as the bride!” - Helen Hindle

“Everyone loved my outfit and I lost track of the number of compliments I got!! Many, many thanks Rinaldo for giving me an outfit that not only made me look good but made me feel good also. I didn’t want to take it off at the end of the day. I wanted to compliment Lynne on her wedding day and with a lot of help from you I did just that. I cannot thank you enough.” - Jennifer Bannatyne

“Thank you so much for making my outfit for my daughter’s wedding. I felt a million dollars and so many people commented on how beautiful I looked in my outfit. I will be recommending you to all my family and friends if they are looking for that something extra special to wear. Thanks again” - Christine Gibson

“I’d just like to say thank you for everything. I felt a million dollars and I remembered to stand properly (the photographer said I was a natural) guess all that prancing about in front of the mirror paid off. Anyway once again thank you. You have great patience and I appreciated that. ‘Scrubbed up well’ was what my husband said in his speech and that meant the world to me.” - Dorothy Girvan