the process

The Process - Consultation and ProcessConsultation And Design

Each garment whether it is a wedding dress, a mother of the bride/groom outfit or a simple evening dress; we begin with a simple consultation to discuss the specific requirements such as design, colour and fabric content. You are able to choose from the existing collection of samples or have something that is uniquely yours by having the garment designed meeting your exact needs.

At this stage the design is drawn up for you and if time permits, you may be asked to come back for a follow up appointment where a further four designs may be developed to give you more choice. There is a small consultation fee for this service which is completely refundable upon placing an order. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

The Process - Pattern and First FitPattern And First Fit

With the design selected, we now move onto the next stage. Each piece is made to the client’s measurements which requires an individual pattern to be drafted. This pattern then gets cut in toile (usually a medium weight of cotton is used) which allows the pattern to be fitted without wasting the chosen fabric. At this stage the benefits of having your own separate pattern means that the design can be further developed to suit you personally, that means if you want to change necklines or add/remove sleeves then this can easily be done. You are always in control.

The Process - Second FittingSecond Fitting

The individual pattern is then altered and prepared for the next stage. Each cloth is cut and prepared by hand before being sewn for the second fitting. Most of our garments are fully lined so at this stage both layers will be made but tacked together around necks, armholes and zips making it far easier to alter the garment after the fitting.

The Process - Third FittingThird Fitting

At this appointment the bulk of the work has been done and most of the garment is complete, zips will be in, necklines and sleeves will be finished, etc. The hem length is settled during this fitting, so it helps to have your shoes and accessories with you. If there are any alterations still to be done to improve the fit, then they are done at this stage.

The Process - The CollectionThe Collection

The garment is now complete and ready for the final appointment. It is useful to bring any additional accessories that you will be wearing, it doesn';t change the final fit of the garment but it is your chance to see the whole ensemble together. It is also a great chance for us to see the garment in context (there may be tears!). If all is well, then you can take your garment home but any small amendments can be done at this stage if required.